The asynchronous

water cooler

for asynchronous teams

Build a happy and connected team - no matter where they are in the world.


It's five o'clock somewhere

It's happy hour in San Francisco. But it's bedtime in New York; and the middle of the night in London.

Your remote team operates on different schedules.

And that's what makes it great.

Your teammates feel isolated

Asynchronous deep work makes your team feel disconnected.

No more spontaneous water cooler chats; no random run-ins at the coffee machine.

They love real-time video chats, but not when they're scheduled over dinner, sleep, or family time.

Bond with teammates on your schedule

HelloHailey brings your distributed team closer together.

Share a laugh and get to know each other - without having to change your work hours.

around the globe

What your teammates will be saying...

"It's been a fun way to get to know each other and have a laugh."
Product Manager, USA
"Even if it's just 10 minutes a day, Hailey takes my mind off work and brings me closer to my teammates."
Designer, Brazil
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"I've met more people at my company in 1 month with Hailey than I had in my first 12 months combined!"
Product Analyst, Egypt
"When I'm working long hours from my home office, it's easy to get burnt out. Hailey gets my mind off work for a laugh or two during the work day."
Engineer, Russia
"I used to have to get up early in the morning on Saturdays to join my team's social calls. Now I don't have sacrifice sleep."
Engineering Manager, Japan
"As an engineer, meetings kill my productivity. Now I can socialize when it works with my schedule, without interrupting my flow."
Engineer, Australia

Meet Hailey

I used to socialize with the dogs in the office as much as my coworkers. They'd calm me down when I was stressed and cheer me up when I was down.

Hailey was my childhood golden retriever.

‍Now she's everyone's (remote) office dog.

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